Hairstyling salon to open in San Francisco

A San Francisco hairdressing salon will soon be able to offer a more affordable haircut, after being named a winner of a $1 million prize in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Food Service Awards.

The National Foodservice Awards are an annual competition to recognize innovative and affordable food service businesses in the nation.

The winners are selected by a panel of judges and featured in a book, “American Hauntings,” about the life of a food-service business.

The salon, the first in the city to receive a national food service award, is slated to open later this year in the Mission District.

The winning salon will provide a haircut for $15 and a barber for $40, which will be donated to charity, said Hairstylist Lauren Brown.

Brown said her business is a one-woman operation, and she plans to hire as many as 20 employees.

She said she can make the cut for the average person, and is happy to work from home because she can’t afford a car.

Brown, who works from home as a hairstylist, said she loves her job and appreciates the support of her customers.

Brown said she would be happy to help other people find their own hairstyles, including the ones she already has.

Brown is one of two finalists for the National FoodService Award, which was announced Tuesday.

The other winner is a San Francisco barber named Mike Buehler.

Brown was the third runner-up in the category.

Brown and her partner, who are both immigrants, started the business as a business last year.

They are currently working on a new business in the Bay Area.

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