What to know about the ‘tip chart’ that shows how much you’ll save on your hair salon bill

HAGERSTOWN, Ohio — The “tip chart” that shows the percentage of your bill that will go to your hair stylist is a handy tool for those on a tight budget.

But according to the tip chart’s creator, it’s also a scam.

A spokesperson for the hair salon chain Hagerstown-based Dollar Tree told BuzzFeed News that “the tip chart does not show how much of your hair you will save over the lifetime of the bill, and is not meant to be a realistic estimate of how much will be spent on your haircut.”

Dollar Tree did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

But the chart is actually a marketing ploy, according to Mark Gresko, an attorney and professor at the University of Connecticut School of Law.

The company sells the chart as a tool to help shoppers make informed choices about their hair care.

The website for Dollar Tree’s Beauty Care program, for instance, provides tips on the best treatments and styling tools for each hair type.

“The beauty of the tip-chart is that it’s a useful tool that’s easy to understand and to use,” Greski told BuzzFeed.

“It’s not designed to be helpful or accurate, but it’s not intended to be.

So it’s just a marketing tool.”

He added, “If you’re using the tipchart as a means to help consumers understand what’s out there, they should be able to use it for their own hair care.”

The tip chart is a marketing tactic for Dollar Trees.

Gresko said that, despite its use of the term “tip” in its title, the chart does indeed provide helpful information.

“It is a way for consumers to make informed decisions about their choices about hair care,” Grosko said.

“The idea behind the tip sheet is that the cost of a haircut will be determined by the cost per ounce, so the cost for an ounce of shampoo and conditioner, for example, will be a very, very small number compared to the cost if you’re going to pay the stylist to do your hair.”

In an article for Hair.com, Dollar Tree wrote, “With the cost to get a haircut for the average person of about $2,000, the tip for a $100 haircut is a huge savings.”

The beauty product and hair stylists tip, however, does not.

The tip sheet also does not indicate how much the stylists are paid.

The article states that “if you’re interested in the full range of haircare services and care products offered at Dollar Tree, you can find it on their website or by contacting them directly.”

The “tip sheet” that Dollar Tree sells is for a “hair care service” that does not include the salon’s “hair products.”

It does not even list the price for the shampoo and conditioning products.

In the article, Dollar Trees states that they do not offer shampoo and styling services because they do so much of the “work” themselves.

“Our salon has a total of 5,000 employees, so a lot of the care is done by our stylists, not by us,” the article states.

“We also make up for this work with our loyalty program, which allows customers to get one-time discounts on the cost or free services.”

The article goes on to say that “some hair stylers and other salon employees receive an average hourly wage of $9.25, which is below the national average of $10.00.”

According to a recent report by The Washington Post, the cost savings for haircare and salon staffs are only about 30% of what a “typical” salon employee makes.

The article claims that the salon employees are “mostly young and female” and “not paid enough to afford the cost, while the salon owners are paid well above minimum wage.”

While the article does not specify which hair care products Dollar Tree charges for, the Hair.co.uk website does provide a breakdown of the average price for hair care at the company’s retail stores.

It states that the average fee for a one-hour, two-minute shampoo and two-second conditioning treatment is $25.

The price for a two-hour shampoo and three-minute conditioning treatment at Dollar Trees’ Beauty Care range is $33.

Grosko, however,”doesn’t think the average salon employee will be earning enough money to live off of this kind of compensation.”

He noted that the tip sheets can also be used to make misleading claims.

“They’re often very vague, and they’re also misleading, because they are based on an estimation,” Grokosaid.

“So if the price is $1.50 for a hair brush, and you assume the stylisist will make $4,000 to $6,000 per year, the $1 price of the brush will be much lower than the $2.50 average salary.”

Greskos said the

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