‘Mumbai’s biggest cake maker’ says ‘I was forced to sell my wedding cake to help my parents’

Mumbai: A cake maker from India’s second-largest city has filed a complaint with the Income Tax department accusing his father of paying a bribe to buy the wedding cake of his mother-in-law.

The complaint was filed on Monday by N.R. Saha, the owner of Saha Sains, a cake-making company.

Saha, whose father owns a bakery in Mumbai, told The Indian Express that he had no idea about the charges before filing the complaint.

“I did not think my father would have paid a bribe for my mother- in-law’s wedding cake.

I didn’t even know that he would pay for the cake.

He did not want to have a problem with me,” he said.

Sakes owner Saha is among a group of vendors that had to sell the wedding cakes of their mothers-in to their husbands-in in the wake of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) implementation.

“They (parents) had to pay a fine.

The parents were very upset.

The couple had to move out,” Saha said.

The cakes sold by Sakes were confiscated by the Tax department, he said, adding that he has already lost over Rs 100,000.

Sakes owner said he had already spent Rs 3,000 on legal fees in the process.

“The bakery has now started a legal fight.

They (parents and their husbands) are still waiting for the final decision on the matter.

The bakery owner is now facing legal action.

The decision will be taken in court soon,” Sakes said.

According to the Income and Customs Act (ICES), it is a offence to pay or receive any money for the sale of any goods or services.

The court has yet to decide whether the father should be prosecuted under the law.

Sales of cakes in the past have been made to pay fines or other penalties under the Goods & Services Tax Act.

The department has sought to fine the vendor of a wedding cake for a “gross breach” of the GST norms.

The GST Act has been pending since April, 2017, with the government setting up a committee to examine the law and the implementation of it.

The committee was set up after a complaint by a bakery owner that his wife had been fined Rs 2 lakh for selling a cake to a woman who had married a man of the same caste.

The committee also sought a detailed report on the implementation and enforcement of the new GST laws.

The commission will also be tasked with assessing the implementation progress of the tax.

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