Which hairdos are best for your hairstyle?

ABC News’ Alex Robldan and Sisu Hirdressing Salon are sharing tips and advice on hairstyles for any occasion.1.

Choose the right shade for your skin tone.

If you’re more of a brown/orange-hued girl, choose a color that’s less orange-tinted.2.

Wear your hair short, and stay with it.

Don’t cut it too short.3.

Use a high-end product to create the effect.

Try a highlighter or gel for a natural-looking finish.4.

If your hair needs more volume, you can try styling with a comb.5.

When styling, make sure you’re not overdone.

Avoid using too much product or excess shampoo.6.

If a hairdo needs to be styled, make it look natural and don’t use a comb to achieve the look.7.

Choose a style that matches your skin color.

Avoid heavy brows or high-waisted styles.8.

If hair needs to stay in place longer, opt for a bob cut.9.

If styling, avoid putting too much pressure on your hair.

Don’ t pull it in or twist it.10.

Make sure to wear a ponytail to show off your style.

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