How hairdressers are using lasers to cut hair

Hair cutters in Europe are using laser technology to cut and trim their hair.

A European Union source told Reuters news agency the lasers are able to cut through the hair of the head of a hairderer and cut it in three dimensions.

It is the first time laser hair removal technology has been used in Europe.

The technology has the potential to eliminate a major source of pollution that causes hair loss, but also cuts down on the need for a costly treatment.

It can be used to cut a hair on a haberdasher’s head with no need for scalpels.

Hair is a vital part of the human body.

Hair is the mainstay of many people’s daily lives.

The hair can also be the basis for the structure of facial hair.

Laser hair removal is also used for the removal of facial stubble and blackheads, the source said.

The EU source said the technology was being used in some countries to treat baldness, such as those in Germany and Spain.

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