Nail salon ‘proud of’ ‘very diverse’ workforce

Newark, New Jersey (CNN) Newark’s nail salon has a proud history of welcoming its workers to the city.

Its been around for more than 200 years, but the place was recently acquired by a rival business and has been left to fend for itself.

“This was our pride,” said Amy Koppelman, owner of Nails Newark.

Nails NewARK was founded in 1902.

It has been an immigrant business for generations, but for the past decade the company has been struggling.

As of last week, the company had $30,000 in cash and was not making money.

While the company is not a big seller in New York City, it is now on the verge of shutting down its operations.

The owners are trying to find another location.

There are about 20 other nail salons in New Jersey, according to the company’s website.

Koppelman said it is a difficult situation for employees and customers alike.

For some, she said, it has been tough because the business has been a part of their lives for decades.

“We’re all immigrants here,” she said.

But Koppel, who is a veteran, said it’s a good thing that she has a diverse workforce.

We are all immigrants, and we all have a job to do.

If we can make a difference, then we are all good.

Koppels husband is a nail salon owner, too.

She said the company was founded as a way to make money, but now she is struggling financially.

She is worried about keeping the business going.

“I just want to be able to keep my family together and be able do my job,” she told CNN.

Koppel said she was born in Hungary and moved to the United States when she was 12 years old.

She started the salon because she wanted to give back to her country.

She was raised a Roman Catholic.

“My mom taught me how to read the Bible, but she never talked about anything about Christianity,” she explained.

“It’s always been something that’s been the first thing she taught me, which is love, and how to help people.”

She has spent her life working to give people the chance to do good.

“In New York, we can’t even take people to the movies,” she noted.

“So it’s really nice that we’re doing it here.”

She said she doesn’t want to see anyone leave the business.

“There are so many people in this industry that are trying their best,” she added.

“To give back, I’m not going to let anyone go.

I don’t want anyone to lose their job because they don’t understand that it’s hard to make a living in Newark.””

We love this city and we love our customers,” she continued.”

But we also want to make sure that we provide good service to the community.”

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