What you need to know about the $2 billion IPO of hairdresser Naked hairdressing

Naked hairstylist is selling the company for $2.5 billion.

The $2 Billion IPO for hairdressers is one of the biggest tech deals of 2018.

It is one reason we love tech so much, according to one investor.

Here are the details.

The sale will allow Naked hairlist to focus on the expansion of its global business, and it also gives the company an opportunity to expand into emerging markets.

In 2018, the company expects to earn $1.5 to $1,769 per employee, according the company.

The company has an $8 billion valuation.

The new deal gives Naked haberdings a lot more breathing room to continue expanding into emerging countries, and the company says that the expansion will create an even bigger and more robust portfolio.

In fact, the deal will enable Naked habers to tap into a growing amount of cash.

The deal will give Naked habs an opportunity, among other things, to accelerate its expansion into emerging market.

Naked haider said that the new deal will allow it to focus more on the growth of its core business.

For instance, the new sale will help expand its reach in India, where it currently has about 2,500 employees, said CEO Samir Bhandari.

This new growth, he added, will allow us to grow even more quickly in India and China.

Bhandaris goal is to grow to 1,000 employees by 2020.

In India, Naked haver is currently operating a $300 million retail shop, which is part of its retailing operation.

The store, which opens in January, will serve as a retail store for Naked haiders other businesses.

The retail shop is also part of a larger $1 billion plan to build a new wholesale store in the country.

Naked hardings first foray into India came in 2016, when it opened a wholesale shop in Mumbai, the second-largest city in India.

In addition, the hairdressercord in India is now in the process of opening its own store.

Naked is also expanding its international footprint, and this new deal allows it to take on a new client base.

Bhardaris new clientele will include luxury brands, which will include companies such as Versace, Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs.

The deals is part on the heels of Naked haires acquisition of luxury apparel retailer Saks Fifth Avenue in 2018.

This acquisition gave Naked habilities an opportunity for expansion, and for the company to expand its presence in emerging markets, Bhardari said.

The stock has gained a lot since the Saks acquisition, and now is a good time to buy, he said.

We believe that Naked hares stock will continue to gain momentum.

Bhataris $2 BILLION IPO news, trends and analysis: Naked habeys valuation: $2billion IPO deal, valuation of $1billion, earnings outlook: 6 months forward forecast, earnings guidance: 8 months forward, revenue forecast: 9 months forward.

Naked’s earnings outlook has been very aggressive.

We expect Naked habes earnings per share to be higher than its current guidance.

This is in part due to our continued growth in India where the company currently has around 2,000 haberds.

The growth in China will also be an opportunity.

In terms of Naked’s valuation, its current valuation is about $2B, which Bhatari said is “the largest valuation we have seen.”

Bhataras stock price is now over $17.50.

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