How to choose the best local hairdressing salon for you

You can’t get more beautiful than this beautiful and sophisticated hair salon in Jerusalem.

Its name is “Mikkelson Hairstyles” and it is located in the Old City’s Old City, which is also the center of Jerusalem.

The owner of this salon is the beautiful, and handsome Mikkelson, a.k.a.


You can find Mikkels hair in all of its forms, and it’s truly stunning.

You can also see him on the street, in public, and at the movies. 

The hair salon also offers a large selection of hand-crafted and professional products, and the atmosphere is very relaxed. 

There are two large indoor bathrooms, and a large outdoor terrace that has a large balcony with a balcony that overlooks the Old Wall. 

There are also outdoor seating areas, and an outdoor lounge area. 

The salon is located right next to a huge street called “El Shaddai.” 

You can find it in the center, or the north side, and is a good place to grab a coffee or a beer. 

At the back of the salon is a small market where you can pick up groceries, and even pick up fresh produce. 

I love the decor of this space.

I love that the front and back of this shop are painted in the same colors, so you can easily differentiate between the two. 

They have a variety of natural, and artificial colors, and they have lots of different designs and prints. 

It is a very classy shop, and you can find something for every budget. 

If you want to do your hair or make-up in Jerusalem, you can check out Mikkel’s shop at 

Mikaela Kallenböck, “Mica,” Hairstyles, and Hair, Jerusalem, Israel, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel Tel: +972 675 1715, Fax: +91 673 998 488, Email: [email protected] More articles from Israel and the Middle East

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