‘Beware of ‘Boris’ and ‘Piper’: How to Avoid Being Pwned by the Russian Trolls

What happens when a group of Russian trolls target a political campaign with the aim of ruining a presidential candidate’s image?

In a matter of weeks, the campaign’s image has been completely taken over by the trolls, who are now trying to take down the campaign and its message.

CNNMoney has obtained exclusive footage of the latest attacks on the presidential campaign, showing a Russian troll trying to influence the campaign of a former presidential candidate.

What started as a simple social media campaign has turned into an elaborate cyberattack.

One troll even posted the video of the man in the video saying he had a heart attack.

The campaign is in a critical position.

Trump has already lost the popular vote to Democrat Hillary Clinton, a fact that could lead to impeachment proceedings if it’s proven to be true.

CNN’s Michael Smerconish has been reporting on this cyberattack, which has affected at least two presidential campaigns.

He says it’s clear that Russia was behind this latest cyberattack on the Trump campaign.

But what about the real story behind the Russian trolls?

What is the true source of the Russian cyberattack?

And what can be done to prevent it from happening again?

We sat down with Russ Tice, a cybersecurity expert who worked for years at the National Security Agency, and John D’Amico, an associate professor at George Washington University Law School.

Here are some of the most important points:What started as simple social network activity quickly turned into a cyberattack in the eyes of the trolls.

Russian trolls posted videos of the former president on YouTube, where the videos were quickly picked up by Russian bots and turned into online propaganda.

What’s more, the Russian government has also targeted the presidential candidate himself with disinformation campaigns.

According to CNNMoney, the Trump team’s team was targeted by Russian trolls who posted videos in their own language that showed the former presidential hopeful making a joke about his health.

But in the end, the Russians were successful in disrupting the Trump camp’s campaign and taking down the Trump brand, CNNMoney reported.

But that’s not the only time the Trump organization was targeted.

It was also targeted by the same group of trolls who tried to hijack Trump’s Twitter account and his personal website.

These same trolls are also behind the attack on the Clinton campaign.

CNN Money reports that in the last two days, Russian trolls have been posting videos and messages on Twitter to try to discredit the Clinton team and its efforts to promote Hillary Clinton.

In the end the trolls succeeded in getting some of Hillary Clinton’s tweets and other content to be deleted, but not the original content.

The Russian trolls are trying to undermine the Clinton camp by taking down her Twitter account.

What happened in the final days?

At some point, the trolls became increasingly aggressive, trying to target the campaign with messages like, “Go home and die,” CNNMoney reports.

But Trump’s campaign is trying to remain positive, pointing out that it is still the biggest in the race.

So far, Trump has only lost the national popular vote.

It’s unclear how this might affect the race in the next few days, when states with large numbers of voters may vote.

What is more, Russian hackers have already attempted to hack the Trump account of his campaign chairman, Paul Manafort.

This is just the latest in a long line of attempts to steal sensitive information from American political campaigns.

The most famous attempt was the DNC hack in 2016, which was one of the largest hacks in history.

The FBI later arrested two Russian hackers, and later revealed that they were working for Russian intelligence.

There have also been attempts to break into the Democratic National Committee’s computer systems.

What do the experts say about this latest Russian campaign to undermine American democracy?

Russ Tices: This is a very worrisome development.

I think there’s an obvious lesson to be learned here.

The Russians have demonstrated time and again that they can be effective in disrupting political campaigns, but they cannot succeed in undermining the American electoral process.

This cyberattack is a good example of this.

But it also highlights that it’s not just about the cyberattack itself.

It also illustrates the need to understand the nature of the Russians’ goal, and to prevent them from succeeding.

The cyberattack and other attacks have to be carefully coordinated, and it is incumbent on the United States to have an adequate response to counter any attempts to undermine democratic processes and electoral process integrity.

John D Amico: One of the things that we see in this cyberassault is that they are targeting the campaigns with misinformation and other malicious tactics.

And that can be particularly effective at undermining confidence in the election.

We saw this very well in the 2016 election, when Russian-backed hackers launched a campaign to attack the Trump presidential campaign and Trump’s own website.

This effort was successful in the minds of Russian-aligned hackers and the Kremlin-

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