FourFour Two: A police officer’s life in the grip of his own PTSD

Two days after he was shot by a cop, a man from a small town in Minnesota is being remembered as a hero for saving a fellow officer’s family.

Two days after being shot by the police, a small-town cop in Minnesota, Mark O’Neill, was being remembered in a news conference as a man who saved a cop’s life and a police officer was shot dead.

“He was a good man,” said the cop’s wife, Barbara O’Neil, who has been living with her husband, Mark, in the small town of O’Mara.

The man’s name is Mark Oleson.

A retired police officer, Olesen has worked as a dispatcher in the community for 25 years.

He is a native of South Dakota and grew up in the same town as O’Brien, who is a retired cop in St. Louis.

Olesen was shot and killed on Monday night, when O’Connor was driving on Interstate 35, which runs east-west from Minneapolis through St. Paul.

Olesin was in the passenger seat.

The police dispatcher was shot five times, according to a release from the St. Cloud Police Department.

The shooting was captured on dashcam video.

The St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office said Olesan was pulled over by police on I-35 and pulled over for a broken tail light.

O’Leary pulled over, and the suspect, identified as Joseph Wahlberg, pulled out a handgun.

The officer’s partner, Michael Egan, tried to intervene, but Wahlberg shot Oleso and killed him.

Olean was a veteran of the St Cloud police force and worked in a traffic enforcement office.

He was one of several officers who responded to the call.

Oateson was in a marked police vehicle with two other officers and was responding to a report of a suspicious person.

When the officer saw the suspect walking around a white truck, Oatesen said he thought it was a burglar.

The truck driver then pulled over and pointed a gun at Olesomans face.

Olicen fired, hitting Wahlberg.

Oelson’s partner was in another car, and Oles was in his patrol car with the suspect in the back seat.

Both officers were treated for gunshot wounds, but neither was taken to a hospital.

Oellson was shot in the leg and O’Donnell in the shoulder.

Egan and Ollens son were treated at the scene, and both were released.

Egas said the family will be in the courtroom Tuesday.

They are asking for peace in their community.

They want to have peace, they want to get back to their normal lives, Egas said.

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