It’s a war between hairdressers and hairdresser sex

We’ve all heard the joke: you’re an aspiring hairstylist and you’re a model, but your clients don’t want to have sex with you.

You’re trying to sell your hair and your style to clients who don’t really know what they want and might not even care if you do.

If you’re in that position, you’re the one in danger of losing your job.

It’s one of those scenarios that you hear about all the time in the industry.

The other day, I met a stylist in Brooklyn who was having a bad day.

I asked him what he was doing to keep his job.

He replied, “I don’t know.”

The conversation turned to sex.

“If I’m going to have a sex life, I need to have an honest conversation with my clients,” he said.

“I think that’s the hardest part of it.”

The question of sex is the most common complaint I hear from aspiring stylists.

Some of them are working through a rough patch and struggling to keep their jobs.

Some have experienced depression.

Many are dealing with family issues, including children and the loss of a job.

But even those who don

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