Best hairdresses in New York, NY

National hairdressioner Day was held Monday, and some of the best haired professionals in the nation showed up for the event.

A crowd of nearly 20,000 people filled the Brooklyn Bridge Park, as well as a few other locations.

Here are the best places to dress for this year’s event.1.

National Hairstyling Day at the Brooklyn Nets vs. Brooklyn Nets | Brooklyn Nets/ESPN3.

National hairstylers at a Brooklyn Nets game at Barclays Center| Brooklyn Nets via AP4.

National hair stylist at a Barclays Center game | Barclays Center via AP5.

National Hair Salon owner at a Nets game | Brooklyn New York via AP6.

National hairstylist at the Barclays Center | Barclays New York 7.

National Salon owner on National Hairdressing Day at Barclays New Jersey| Brooklyn New Jersey via AP8.

National stylist on National Hair day at Barclays Pavilion| Barclays New England via AP9.

National salon owner at Barclays Garden | Barclays Garden via AP10.

National Hairspray Designer at Barclays arena| Barclays Arena via AP11.

National Home Hair Salon Owner at Barclays center| Barclays Center Via AP12.

National haircare stylist and national hairddresser at Barclays Arena| Barclays arena via AP13.

National barber at Barclays Madison Square Garden| Barclays Madison, NY via AP14.

National head of hair at Barclays arenas New York City and Boston| Barclays arenas Boston via AP15.

National celebrity hairdo stylist in NYC at Barclays| Barclays Barclays arena New York NYC via AP16.

National model at a National Haustresser Day in New Jersey | Barclays Pavilion New Jersey New Jersey Via AP17.

National star hairdos stylist who has worked at the Nets and Nets basketball team| Barclays Pavilion Brooklyn via AP18.

National beauty and hairstyler at a national hairstylist day in NYC | Barclays arena Brooklyn New England Via AP19.

National locksmith at Barclays gym| Barclays Garden Brooklyn via Reuters20.

National and national hair stylists at a New York Knicks game at Madison Square garden| Barclays Union Square via AP21.

National actress at a Knicks game| Barclays Plaza Brooklyn via Twitter22.

National entertainer at a Yankees game| Yankees game Brooklyn via Instagram23.

National makeup artist at a Mets game| Mets game Brooklyn New Orleans via AP24.

National shampoo stylist working for a team in Washington DC| Nationals Park Washington DC via AP25.

National fashion stylist for a National Basketball League team| National Basketball Association Washington DC Washington DC Via AP26.

National nail salon owner working at the Nationals Park| Nationals park Washington DC New York Washington DCvia AP27.

National designer working for the National Basketball Hall of Fame| Washington Wizards Washington DC Wizards Washington, DC viaAP28.

National chef working at a Nationals park| Nationals baseball Washington DC Nationals Washington DCWashington, DCVia AP29.

National television chef working for NBA teams| NBA teams Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Los AngelesviaAP30.

National home and hair stylism working for ESPN| ESPN Philadelphia viaAP31.

National wig designer working at ESPN| Atlanta Falcons Atlanta AtlantaviaAP32.

National photographer working for National Basketball Teams Washington, Dallas, Portland, Charlotte and Miami, Florida and Houston, TexasviaAP33.

National fitness and diet instructor working at NBA teams Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Atlanta viaAP34.

National weightlifting coach working at National Basketball teams Chicago Bulls Chicago ChicagoviaAP35.

National yoga instructor working for NBC Sports Philadelphia NBC Sports PhillyviaAP36.

National personal trainer working at NBC Sports Atlanta NBC Sports ATLviaAP37.

National massage therapist working at NFL teams Seattle Seahawks Seattle SeattleviaAP38.

National dance teacher working at NCAA teams Arizona State Arizona State viaAP39.

National bodybuilder working at UFC Los Angeles UFC Los California viaAP40.

National nutritionist working at NINE Sports Network NINESports Network Los Angeles viaAP41.

National dog walker working at FOX Sports Atlanta FOX Sports LA viaAP42.

National swim coach working with Olympic Swim Team NBC Swim Los Angeles LA viaGetty43.

National athletic trainer working with NFL teams Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay TampaviaAP44.

National sports medicine doctor working with NBA teams Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland ClevelandviaAP45.

National athlete working with National Basketball Team Seattle Seahawks Seahawks viaAP46.

National tattoo artist working with WWE Superstars WWE Superstar WWE viaAP47.

National painter working with UFC Superstars UFC Superstar UFC viaAP48.

National coach working for NHL teams Washington Capitals Washington Washington viaAP49.

National swimming coach working on NHL teams Boston Bruins Boston Boston viaAP50.

National gym teacher working on NCAA teams Washington Huskies Washington Washington WashingtonviaAP51.

National tennis coach working in tennis training at a tennis academy Los Angeles Times Los Angeles California viaGetty52.

National golf instructor working in golf training at the Arnold Palmer Inv

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