How to find the best hairdresses in town

A friend suggested we head to the local bar to see if they were offering good haircuts, and we ended up going. 

We ended up with a great haircut from the owner of one of the best hair stylists in town. 

And, while we didn’t get a lot of hair, we did get to sit in on his sessions. 

The best hairstylist in town is a bit like that guy in the movie Badlands, who is always trying to outdo himself. 

He can be seen as the guy who can give you the best haircut, but he is also the guy that can also give you a really good shave, and he will give you an awesome cut, too. 

A great haircut will look great, and it can even make you feel good about yourself. 

It is a good way to start to see a hairstylists value for your money, because they can be really good about providing you with quality service and a good quality haircut. 

This post was written by Lisa Gaffney, who has been a hairstyling professional for over 17 years. 

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