The world’s biggest tattoo artist is a ‘wonderful’ friend, says a new book

Posted by Andrew Auernheimer on January 10, 2018 05:08:31The world’s largest tattoo artist, Aidan McDonnell haired a massive name and a name that has changed his life.

The 27-year-old hairdresser, who lives in New York City, started tattooing at the age of 11 after seeing a friend who did it.

“I’ve had people ask me what the tattoo is and what it does,” McDonnel told Ars.

“It’s not a huge deal to me, because I’ve been doing it for five years.

It’s something that’s part of my personality and part of who I am.””

The tattoo has changed my life,” Mc Donnell said.

“I used to be a really insecure person, but now I have a sense of confidence, and a sense that I’m not alone.”

The tattooed man is also an actor, with a starring role in the upcoming thriller “Hollow,” based on the graphic novel by Patrick Ness.

“There’s nothing like seeing somebody you admire die in front of your eyes,” he said.

Mc Donnell told Ars that he has been lucky in his career, having been given a wide range of roles.

“My favorite role I’ve had was in a movie called The Muppets,” he told us.

“When I saw that film, I had never seen anything like it.

I thought it was really, really good.”

Mc Donnel said that he also enjoys working with people of different cultures, including people from Asia and African countries.

He said that when he’s not doing tattoos, he enjoys doing other things such as cooking and doing charity work.

“It’s very nice to have someone who can talk to you,” he added.

McDonnell also has a new love, and one that is now a new family.

“My girlfriend has been a big part of me for 20 years, and I think she’s a wonderful person,” he explained.

“We’re together for about seven years now.

It just happened.

It doesn’t feel like that’s the end of it.”

The full interview with Aidan can be found here: Donnie McDonnnell haires a tattoo in the style of a crossword puzzle.

The tattoo artist has had some pretty big moments in his life, and his tattoo is just one of them.

“We were together for five months when my father died.

He died in a car accident, and when my mother and I got home we found that the car had been run over,” he recounted.”

They were just devastated.

I remember waking up in the morning crying and going to the bathroom crying.”

Aidan has had his tattoo on his back for years, but this is the first time he’s had it done by a tattoo artist.

“The process is pretty similar to the tattoo I did when I was a kid.

It takes about five minutes to do the whole thing,” he admitted.

The first tattoo, which took him about two hours to do, was done by an experienced tattoo artist in New Mexico.

“In New Mexico, you can’t get a tattoo without a prescription, and it’s very expensive.

I was really excited to try it, but it took so long.

I don’t think I ever went back to that tattoo artist,” he lamented.

He ended up doing the tattoo with a friend of his, but the experience was much different.

“When I got the tattoo, I was just so nervous, and the second I got to the room, I started screaming at the tattoo artist to hurry up and get it done.

I just cried and couldn’t breathe,” he recalled.

“She did it in about 10 minutes.”

“I had to get out of the room and get my clothes on and put my clothes back on and get back to my room and cry again,” he continued.

“And then I finally went back and got my shirt on and walked back into the room.”

The first time Mc Donnnell was tattooed, the ink was on his left forearm.

Now, he has his tattoo done by two different tattoo artists, each with a different technique.

“Every time I do a tattoo, it’s different,” he noted.

“There’s a lot of things you have to learn, but if you can get through the tattoo and get through that process, you’ll get a great result.

That’s why I really appreciate tattooing and why I do it.

It gives you a lot more freedom to express yourself.”

McDonnnels most recent tattoo, for his girlfriend, is a

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