‘A few’ US employers may fire women who wear shorts

By BRIAN BECKSTADTERA, AP Writers, Washington (AP) Women who wear short skirts, mini skirts or other low-cut dress are getting less job opportunities and less pay, according to a new report from a nonprofit advocacy group.

The Employment Policies Institute, a non-profit, has compiled the findings of a survey of more than 500 US businesses and workers.

The group’s director, Jennifer Lee, says the results are a stark warning for employers.

“This is a really big deal,” Lee said.

“We have the worst of both worlds.”

Women who wear long pants or skirts, for example, face discrimination, according the report.

The institute found that half of women who have to wear short dressers in their workplace, or work in a small, independent shop, are out of a job within three months.

Women who don’t wear shorts are more likely to get less work than those who wear them, the report says.

In addition, a third of those who don a skirt are out their jobs within four months.

Lee said it’s unclear how many businesses are ignoring the new rules.

“The big question is: How many are doing enough to enforce this rule?”

Lee said in an interview.

Employers have until the end of the year to change their dress code.

Lee also said she’s not surprised that many employers don’t follow the rule, because it’s part of their culture.

“We’re a culture that thinks that the rules are just rules and that the women who do wear short are not allowed to do anything,” Lee told The Associated Press.

Employer guidelines do not require that employees wear skirts in their jobs, and a majority of respondents said they don’t.

They also said they didn’t think it’s necessary for them to wear shorts because it doesn’t fit in with their workplace culture.

But Lee said she was surprised at how many employers aren’t following the rules.

Most say they’re concerned about the negative social effects, but few say they are changing their dress codes.

Lee said the report is a stark reminder that there are still many American workers who are still struggling to get ahead.

“When you have more of these women in your workforce, they have a very hard time finding a job,” Lee added.

She said the lack of change is also creating more problems.

“It’s not just that they don and can’t afford to buy a skirt,” Lee says.

“It’s that they have to pay more for clothes and clothes in general.

It’s very, very hard to find a job that doesn’t have a skirt.”

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