How to cut black hair without the scissors

You might have thought cutting black hair was a bit extreme.

But that’s not the case for one man in the UK.

In the UK, a black woman’s hair can be cut at home, as long as she has scissors and a nail file, according to the Telegraph.

The Telegraph reported that a woman with hair that would normally have been done in a salon has been able to do it without scissors.

She did it without even leaving the house.

A black woman in the US is able to cut her hair in a barbershop without scissors and without using nail file or a nail-biting comb.

And a black man in South Africa is able see his wife’s black hair cut.

According to a story in the Independent, a woman in India cut her black hair and was able to see it done.

In a similar situation, a man in Brazil cut his black hair.

In Britain, it’s still a bit of a rarity to be able to trim black hair, as hair in the United Kingdom is typically cut by a barber or stylist.

It’s a rarer sight in the rest of the world, however, where most people still cut their hair with scissors.

You can check out some of the best black hairstyles from around the world below.

See more hairstyles you might have missed in the BBC News Style section.

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