A few things to know about Christmas trees in Canada

Some Canadians say the holiday season is coming to an end.

It’s not, according to a study by the Canadian Institute for Cancer Research.

It may be one of the most popular seasons in Canada, but not everyone wants to get up and go to the mall to shop for new decorations.

In the study, published Monday in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers found that only 20% of Canadians said they’d be going to the malls for Christmas decorations, but the percentage rose to nearly 70% among those who said they were planning to attend the festivities.

Some Canadians, like the one in the study who asked not to be identified, said they think it’s time to get dressed.

“I think it is time to start dressing and get ready,” the woman said in a telephone interview.

“I think Christmas is about showing respect for people, respecting your family and your neighbors, and I think it should be about being nice.”

The woman said she was not planning on buying a tree this year, but said she’s planning to buy a tree that can be placed at a church or home.

The woman also said she plans to buy presents for children and grandchildren.

The study, which included 6,858 Canadians aged 18 to 74, looked at three different methods of measuring the level of concern about Christmas decorations.

People who were concerned about Christmas or the holiday were more likely to say they’d skip shopping, shop more for presents or use gift cards for more than two gifts a year.

People who were worried about Christmas were more concerned about being unable to buy decorations, the researchers found.

They were also more likely than those who were not worried to shop or to skip buying Christmas gifts.

It’s not just about the decorations, said Dr. David Loeffler, director of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Canadian Cancer Research Centre in Ottawa.

People are looking at the tree.

They’re thinking about the tree, he said.

“It’s very important that we are aware that this is a really important time for Canadians.

They have a lot of responsibilities to their families, they have a huge amount of debt and they don’t have a Christmas tree,” he said, adding that he was worried about the fact that so many people had chosen not to buy Christmas gifts or decorations this year.”

This is not something that they are going to change.

This is something that is going to keep them on a path of debt.”

The study also found that about three-quarters of Canadians who said the Christmas season was ending or on its way out reported they were considering postponing their plans for the season.

That was similar to the proportion of those who reported they planned to go shopping, or to shop more, or even to shop a bit more, Loeppler said.

He said it’s a good thing that Christmas is coming back, because it means families can enjoy a little more time together.

“We need to get the holiday going and the families that are planning to come out can celebrate,” he told CBC News.

“There are going the holidays together.

We need to put together some plans for this year and that’s the big thing.”

The findings of the study come amid a wave of negative attention and a renewed debate over whether Christmas is being lost amid a national recession.

The recession is taking a toll on the economy, and many economists say there are more reasons for people to skip Christmas.

But the number of Canadians opting to buy gifts for their children, or use their cards to buy more gifts, is increasing.

“The majority of Canadians will continue to buy holidays gifts and will spend money for Christmas this year,” said Loeppel in a statement.

“However, we must remember that there are millions of Canadians out there that are living paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford a Christmas present or holiday decorations.”

Christmas is the time for family.

It is the one time that Canadians can share and make a strong connection with each other.

“The survey of 7,000 Canadians found that more than three-in-ten people would skip Christmas and shop at least three times a year, and nearly two-in.-ten would skip holiday shopping, as opposed to just under one-in.

Overall, most Canadians said the holiday is important for the economy and they want to spend money on it, with just about two-thirds of Canadians saying they wanted to spend more money this year on their own purchases.

The study was done for the Canadian Council for Social Research.

The Canadian Cancer Societies Research and Statistics Unit, the Canadian Academy of Family Physicians, the Health Canada, and the Canadian Foundation for Cancer research all supported the research.

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