Elizabeth Osborne’s hairdressing business hits ‘disaster’


— Elizabeth Osbourne, a hairdressor who is currently under investigation for fraud, is a household name, but not one that many know about.

She is not the only celebrity hairdo guru out there who has had a tough few months.

Hair stylist Elizabeth Osbourn was fired last week by her agency, WME-IMG, after a string of bad press about her work.

Osbourne is no stranger to controversy.

She recently was the subject of a scandal in France after she appeared on the cover of a French edition of The Paris Review.

She has also had to deal with controversy over a series of YouTube videos.

The salon where she has been working for the past five years in Hollywood, Fla., is currently in the midst of a “disaster,” according to an online advertisement posted by the salon.

Osburd is an American-born actress, known for her role as Emily in the television show The Bachelor.

A spokeswoman for WME told The Associated Press that Osbouns departure was due to her poor performance and her “personal problems.”

She has been accused of using her celebrity status to “launder money,” according the advertisement.

The website where the ad was posted claims she is “a victim of fraud.”

The salon is run by Osbourds sister-in-law, Victoria Krasinski, who has been the head of the agency for years. “

We also want to make it clear that the company has taken the steps necessary to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

The salon is run by Osbourds sister-in-law, Victoria Krasinski, who has been the head of the agency for years.

She told The Miami Herald that she was fired by her sister- in-law for a “miscommunication” about a “personal relationship” between the two.

Krasinski said that when she was hired, Osboutes daughter, Toni, was the salon’s head of hair, and she “was very open about her mother being a haberdasher.”

Krasinkis sister-wife Toni has been named as one of the accusers in the criminal complaint filed in Miami against Osbours family.

Osbis sister, Anna, has not been named in the complaint.

The Miami Herald reported last month that Toni Osbouis sister, who is also a haver, told a Miami television station that Osbourne had tried to get her sister to stop working with her.

Krisinski said her sister, Tonti, “had a very public relationship with her father,” which included the sister “giving her money” to help her sister continue her work in the salon, according to The Miami Times.

Kosinski said she has never seen the video that is now the subject to the investigation, but she said it “has to be seen in context to understand what was going on.”

Krisinks sister said she was aware of the scandal and believed that Osbecs mother had hired her to help the salon out.

Osbec’s mother told the Herald she was not aware of any such relationship.

Osbourne told the newspaper she was “surprised” by the controversy and that her family is “100 percent positive” that Tontis father, a retired police officer, was not involved in the allegations.

Kuzinski said the “disgrace” of the salon and her sister’s “misunderstanding” was that “this whole thing” was “blown out of proportion.”

“This was a family member who had been hired by her family, so the allegations were made up out of whole cloth,” she said.

Kiran, Osbourne’s former co-worker, told The AP that she has no comment about the allegations and that she will not be doing her hair again.

Karen McArthur, a spokeswoman for Osbousers agency, told the AP that the salon has been operating “with the highest standards and ethics since inception.”

She said the salon was “very proud” of its “strong and positive relationship” with the Osbors.

The Osboses live in New York City.

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