How to get more bangs and still look great

Hairdressers, stylists and hair care experts offer advice for anyone looking to get the best bangs they can and keep their hair on trend.

In a recent study, the hairstylist at Salon Dermont, who asked that her last name not be published, found that many men who were looking to add some extra bangs to their look were also looking for help with the look.

The study, conducted by Dermatologists New Zealand, found the number of men who felt their hair looked better when they had a higher amount of hair on the scalp, the better the hair was looking, and that women felt more bangable than men.

The researchers also found that men who had more hair on their face and neck were more likely to see their bangs fall over, while those who had fewer hair on both the face and head were less likely to have a fall.

The experts also found some men were more satisfied with their appearance after they had more bang bangs.

The best way to get bangs in 2018: A look at the trends for 2017What do you think about the trends in hair, haircare, styling and hairstylists?

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