The women of ‘Billericay’ have the perfect hairstyle

The ‘Billico’ is the epitome of Indian style, the traditional hairdo of a woman in the land of Bhutan.

The traditional Billico is worn by women from all walks of life, including the country’s top celebrities, from pop stars to politicians.

It’s worn for both men and women, but women have always been the primary users.

For years, many women have been asked to change their hair styles to match the billico, and it was only recently that this demand started to be met.

A petition by an NGO called ‘The Billico Initiative’ was launched in 2016 to bring the hairdressing industry into the fold, and the petition garnered more than 1.6 lakh signatures.

The petition called for a billico to be worn by men and the women to match.

The idea is that the billio is worn to make a woman feel more feminine, while keeping the hair of her male relatives and relatives of women in check.

Many women, who were once called ‘mulugar’ for their long hair, now wear the Billico in order to make the hair seem longer and more luxurious, the group said in a statement.

Women are now being asked to wear the billiacs and it’s becoming a trend to do so, the women’s empowerment organisation said.

‘Women of Bhutto’ (The Billicanis) have become the epitom of Indian fashion.

This is the way women of Bhuta will dress to be the best in the world.

‘The Billiacs’ hairdos are seen as a way of breaking the mould of Indian society and making Indian women feel better about themselves, said Sankar Pandey, a hairdressor from Kolkata, in an interview to NDTV.

“It has been worn for a long time, but people are starting to accept it.

They don’t like the traditional look of the haired woman.

So, I feel it’s a positive thing,” he said.’

The billiac’ in a nutshell, and how it all began: The Billicolli was the term for the long haired women of the land who wore a billicollis.

They were often the wives of high-ranking officials, including kings and queens.

These long hairdresses were worn by the wives to express their pride and wealth, as well as to represent their culture, identity and social standing.

Billicollises were popularized in the 1970s, with the likes of Marathi actress Veda Kapoor and actress-actress-turned-model Shobha Devi taking to wearing them.

In the 1980s, it was the style of the Indian elite and politicians that was favoured, with politicians wearing them on the day of the coronavirus pandemic, and celebrities like Anjali Chopra and Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan sporting them.

The billiac was also a staple of pop star M.K. Adarsh, who wore one in the recent ‘Billicoor’ ad campaign.

But for some, the style has grown stale.

One of the main complaints of Billico enthusiasts is the amount of time and money that women are spending on hairdyling and styling their hair.

According to a survey by the National Centre for Social Research (NCSR), an NGO that tracks India’s attitudes towards women, most women spend between one and four hours a day on their hair, including brushing their teeth, removing their makeup, putting on their clothes, and taking care of the house.

And the amount spent on styling has grown exponentially in the last decade, as the cost of the products has gone up and the demand for natural hair products has soared.

As India continues to be ruled by a conservative caste, the Billicolls are seen to be a major target for backlash.

Some of India’s most popular men, like actor Amitabh Bachchan, have openly said they prefer a shorter hairdyliner.

They have also demanded more hair removal procedures for their wives, in order not to alienate them.

But the trend has also been welcomed by the hairstressers themselves, who see it as a sign that the time is right to change the way they look.

“We are not against the billiard but there is a problem with the long hair that is used in Indian culture, in particular the hair used by the upper caste women,” said a hairstylist from a major hotel in Kolkatta.

There are more than a dozen hairdriers in the area, including those at the famous ‘Kochi Laxmi Bhutta’, who are also working to change that, as they believe it’s the right thing to do.

However, others argue that the traditional Billicolla is just one of many hairstyles in India, and that

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