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A popular dating app app in India has found itself embroiled in controversy after it announced the availability of its app for men and women to choose their hairdressing partners.

The popular dating site, Grindr, has said it has over 3 million members across India and that more than 1 million people use it to meet new people in the country.

The app allows users to search for people to meet and is aimed at users who want to meet women who look the same but also for people who have similar interests.

However, the app also lets users select men and females from different social circles and the profiles are created according to the users’ preferences.

The founders of the app said the aim of their app is to provide a safe and friendly environment for men to meet their girlfriends.

“We want to empower our members to meet up in a fun and comfortable way without worrying about any kind of harassment.

The profiles created for our members will be created based on their interests and will be based on the people who are most interested in them,” said Arvind Pandey, chief product officer at Grindr.

The company is also encouraging users to take selfies with their profile pictures and upload them to the app.

While the app is open to everyone, it says that a person can only choose their male or female partner from a list of three people.

In order to find their perfect partner, Grindrs users have to add their friends to their profiles.

However the app says the feature has been “fully disabled” for now.

“The features of Grindr that are open for all its members and open to all genders are not being enabled for men,” the app stated.

The new feature, it added, was meant to provide users with a “safe, friendly, and professional environment for meeting their partners”.

The app’s founders say they were unable to find the people they wanted to meet.

“Our goal with the app was to help our members meet new women, but unfortunately, the users did not find a woman they wanted,” Pandey told NDTV.

“In this situation, we have decided to disable the feature completely, to ensure that we are not allowing the users to meet anyone that they have no interest in.”

While the founders of Grindry have defended the decision, the backlash has been swift.

“It is not the first time we have taken steps to try and remove users from the app,” a spokesperson for Grindr told NDtv.

“We are currently working with a group of social media users to identify who are the most affected by the change, and we will take the necessary measures to ensure it does not happen again.”

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