I’m wearing an hairdresser’s doll

I have been wearing an all-natural hairdresser’s hairpiece for the past three years. 

Ive had to adjust it a couple times, but the fit is perfect.

I dont have any problems with it, it feels comfortable, and it doesnt look too big or too short.

Ive always been happy with the way the hairpiece is, and the price isnt a big deal.

The doll is about 4 inches tall, which is not bad for a doll, but for someone who doesnt have a lot of hair, this isnt the perfect size.

Ive been using this doll for about two months now and the fit has improved.

It doesnt stretch out like the real thing, but its still comfortable.

I wouldnt wear it to school because its uncomfortable.

If youve ever had a haircut, you know that it doesnt always look great.

It takes a lot out of you and it may take some of the fun out of it.

However, the dolls hair isnt overly long, so you dont have to worry about it.

Its a little long for me, but I dont mind it.

I cant wear it in public, because itsnt my style.

I just want to feel a doll hairpiece in my hair. 

The dolls hairpiece fits perfectly.

It looks great and doesnt stretch.

It doesnt feel too long or too skinny.

Overall, I love this doll, and Ive worn it about every day for about three years now. 

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