Bainbridge sinks, but the business continues to thrive

A new hire has arrived at the front of the line at the Bainbroke Hirst salon, which opened in March.

The owner said the company has seen a huge boost in sales, and it is on track to keep its doors open for a further year.

Bainbridge said it had been working to make the business more competitive, and that it was investing in new technology to boost its profitability.

“We have been working hard to improve our efficiency and increase our productivity, and to reduce our costs,” a spokesperson said.

Its latest hire, a woman from a local business, has been named “sink”.

She works in the salon on a contract basis, but is now able to make up to £1,000 per hour.

The Bainbrook salon is not the only business to see strong sales this year.

Sales at the Bath Spa and Spa Bays, which also has a new hire, have been up a record 70 per cent.

Sink said it hoped to keep the salon open for another year.

It also plans to open a new shop in a more centrally located part of the city, to cater for local residents.

Bailie, the salon owner, said she hoped that the new hire would help boost the business.

“She is a new face, and we are just beginning to get to know her, so she might help us with our recruitment process,” she said.

“We would like to keep her here for as long as possible, but I would love to make sure she has a good start here and that she has learnt the ropes of the business before coming to Bath Spa.”

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