‘I didn’t want to be rude’: Hairdresser explains how she’s curly hair, how she gets tips and how she keeps her clientele happy

Hairstylist Kristy Brown and her clients were in for a surprise.

The hair salon’s curvy clientele consisted of a few men who were looking for a quick fix.

Brown explained that she usually had her clients do a hair dye in the morning and an appointment with the hair stylist at night.

But they were always at the salon to do their hair.

“I have clients that have come in that we haven’t had a hair cut for three days and they’re going to go to the hair salon and they want a haircut.

And I have them say, ‘I don’t want a haircut.’

They’re just really happy to see me,” Brown said.

Brown said she was looking forward to doing the hair in the salon for the first time in her life.

“We have a lot of women here, but the only one I know I’ve done my hair at is myself, and that’s because of my father,” she said.

“And that’s the one that’s been through a lot.”

Brown said that because of the amount of women coming in, she’s had to start her own hair salon.

The salon’s hair stylists were surprised by her sudden transformation into a curvy lady.

“It was a very different look,” said salon owner, Cheryl McBride.

“Because we were just starting, we had this hair and we didn’t have any time to put our hair up,” McBride said.

But McBride has been doing her own curvy hair for about 10 years now.

She says that her clients are always happy to talk about their curvy looks.

“People have to have a look and they have to be honest,” McBrides said.

The owner of McBrights salon, Cheryl says it’s important to get rid of the negativity.

Brown has also experienced this negativity firsthand. “

But you’ve got to go with your gut.”

Brown has also experienced this negativity firsthand.

She said she feels more comfortable at her curvy side.

“You don’t feel like a slut,” Brown told CBC News.

“If you look at the girls that I work with, they have their curves and they look amazing, but they still do their business the way they normally would.”

Brown hopes her curviness will bring a smile to other women who are looking for help with their hair or any other issues.

“Some of them have this problem that they don’t have a way to do it,” she explained.

Brown also said that she does her own nails, which can be a huge help in curvy haircuts.

“Sometimes they want to do some nail art, but I have the idea of doing it myself,” Brown explained.

“They don’t do that.

They’re looking for some kind of help.”

Brown says that she’s not trying to change the way women look, but to just have a better life.

Brown has had some negative comments about her body, and is not ashamed of it.

“No, it’s not what I look like that bothers me, but it’s just the way I live my life, and what I choose to do,” Brown continued.

“That’s what bothers me the most about that.

That’s why I’m so happy to be doing it.

Because I don’t think I should be ashamed of my body.

I’m proud of it, I’m happy with it.”

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