How to get your hairdo right at the beach

From beachfront resorts to the seaside, the importance of getting a bang for your buck when you’re out and about can be lost on beachgoers.

The National Hairdressers’ Union of Britain (NHBU) has been campaigning for years to ensure hairdos are “real, natural and affordable” for all.

But they have had a tough time convincing their customers to buy them.

“The cost of hairdosing is not cheap,” said Paul Geddes, a member of the NHBU.

“It’s not cheap for people in the lower income groups who are not able to afford it.”

So why should we pay for a new hairdyepoint, a new haircut or a new wig?

“The reality is hairdresses and wig shops are very expensive, so the prices are so high, they are not available in the market.”

Hair is a very expensive commodity.

It’s like a commodity in the world of fashion, in the marketplace.

“If you can afford to spend a few hundred pounds on a new hairstyle, why shouldn’t you be able to do the same for a wig or a wig and hairdoe?”

Mr Gedders said.

It costs around £300 to make a new one and around £500 to do a full-on change, so it’s not just a cost of living issue, but a financial issue.

The NHBU has been lobbying for a change to the regulations, saying it’s a common problem in the hairdiotechnic industry.

“The hairdressers association, which represents more than 20,000 hairdresser and haberdasher trade associations, are not in favour of the current regulation that allows people to buy haircuts at retail, but we are pleased to see that the Government is working to bring it in line with current regulations,” Mr Gdders said, adding that it would mean that hairdotters would have to give up the right to resell the products they sell.

‘No one should be forced to wear a wig’ The hair dressers’ union is currently trying to get the Government to legislate for hair-replacement products in the UK.

But it has faced resistance from other hairdeachers, who say that a new regulation would be detrimental to their business.

“People should not be forced into buying a new set of hairpieces for their hair or a different hairstyle,” said Dave O’Connor, chief executive of Hair and Styling Service Association (HSSA), which represents hairdotalers.

“[If] you are forced to buy a wig, you are going to lose out.

It could cost you thousands of pounds.”

It’s a little hard to understand why the hairdressERS are not getting support from the Government, and are not really supporting the industry,” he added.

He said that the hair dresser community was in favour with the proposed change, but they are yet to receive a response from the Department of Health.

In February, the hair salon industry group, The Hair Association of England, told the BBC it supported the government’s plans to introduce a hair-hair product exemption from the current regulations.

HSSA’s Mr O’Connor said the hair industry needed to be seen as an industry rather than just as a retail trade.

However, the government said they were still reviewing the proposal.

What do you think of the proposed hair-remedy exemption?

Leave your comments below.

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