When the hair salon says no to you, why don’t you buy it?

The hair salon chain that refused to make the cut has been hit with a lawsuit filed by a woman claiming she was denied a haircut at a salon in New Jersey.

In a lawsuit alleging a breach of her contract, Janssens Hirdresser says that after she told the salon she was pregnant with her first child, she was told she was not allowed to go into the salon and was told “No way, we are not going to do that.”

She is also suing for unpaid leave and compensation for lost earnings, as well as a court order for reimbursement of lost wages, and damages for pain and suffering.

Janssans Hirdresseser, the second largest hair salon in the country, said in a statement that it was aware of the allegations and that the allegations were being investigated.

“The allegations made by the complainant in the complaint are false and do not represent the values and standards of Jansssens Haundresser,” the statement read.

The lawsuit, filed Monday in New York federal court, accuses Janssen Hirderers owner and CEO John Sutter and owner of its sister company, Hedders Hair Salon Inc., of violating her contract by refusing to perform her cut and by not providing her with the haircut she requested.

The suit also alleges that the company retaliated against the woman, who was allowed to leave the salon without a haircut after her contract was terminated.

The salon chain, which has offices in Los Angeles, Miami, Boston and New York City, declined to comment.

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